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Policy, Grading & Shipping Info


Combine items to save on Shipping: If you ordered multiple items that are compatible and can be packed together, you may receive a partial shipping refund. All shipping refunds are determined by surfnhula.

SHIPPING SURFBOARDS: Within the US mainland will be determined by your address the board is being shipped to. See your item description for packing options: Please choose your packing option A, B, or C. Packing is an additional cost. Surfboard shipping and packing will be added to price of surfboard.

Within Hawaii: To pack and ship Inter-Island varies depending on what packing option you choose and which shipping option you prefer; ocean freight or by air. International and Mainland Surfboard Shipping: Shipping cost depends on your location, size of surfboard, and packing option. Surfboard insurance is mandatory. Email us the location of a major airport nearest you. In some cases, we can use ground shipping for mainland only.


Most items that are fragile, breakable, and expensive will be insured. However, if you prefer to insure or not to insure your items, let us know after you have placed your order and we will contact you with your adjusted shipping cost. Keep in mind, we will not be responsible and will offer no compensation for uninsured items that are lost or damaged.
It is the customers responsibility to file and follow up on any claims for lost or damaged items with USPS. We do not guarantee shipments ever.


All items (except for anything thatís too large like a surfboard) are shipped by USPS-Priority Mail and First Class Mail. If you prefer another method, let us know how you want your order shipped and we'll do our best to accommodate you.


Shipping costs are based on current Priority mail prices.


Book rate/Media mail can take 4-8 weeks to receive. This is not airmail. This is ocean freight.


  • Postal Money Order & International Postal Money Orders preferred.
  • US Bank or Cashiers Check
  • Personal Checks: U.S. Only- Make Payable to SurfNhula. All orders will be held until checks are cleared from bank.
  • Credit Cards: We accept credit card payments through PAYPAL. You may also chose to pay by 'Instant Cash' by Paypal.
  • Make payments Payable to:
    SURFNHULA, P.O. Box 1234, Makawao, Hawaii 96768


We realize different items have different methods of grading. For example: surfboards often grade on a 1 to 10 scale. Coins grade: uncirculated, mint, very good etc. We are not experts in all fields of collectibles, so we've applied one system to grade most items. This system we are using can become obsolete as we become more informed about our items. For now, here's how grading will work.
  • MINT-perfect, flawless.
  • N.MINT-near perfect
  • V.GOOD-still very nice but has some flaws and possible need of minor repair.
  • GOOD-displayable but needs some repair and/or has repairs
  • POOR-condition may be poor, but item could be very rare


  • Mint - Near perfect, like just came off the press, no blemishes or defects.
  • Near Mint (NM)- Less than Mint and better than Excellent
  • Excellent (EX)- Bright and clean, few pinholes, minor creases or dings, no tape marks. Also described as Fine.
  • Very Good (VG)- Slight stains, fading, small tears, pinholes. As much as 1/4 inch can be missing from the corner and/or edge.
  • Good -Heavily worn copy, tears, torn or missing paper up 1/2 inch, tape marks. Slight browning of paper, mild fading.
  • Fair -Major rips, tears, folds, creases, missing paper, pinholes.
  • Poor -Destroyed, worn, torn, brittle, taped and missing corners, water damaged.
Some items may not have a grade. In that case, refer to enlarged photo(s) for a detailed look. Please feel free to email with specific questions before you purchase


All sales are subject to prior sales. We will make our best effort to keep all sales updated however, we are not a 9 to 5 business, as such, we may not be able to update as soon as an order comes in. An Item that has already been sold will state SOLD in the description and show a $0 in the price column. Items will go to the buyer who placed the earlier order. If funds are not received within 7 working days of order date or the date we contact you with your adjusted shipping cost, one or more of the items you requested may be sold to the next person wanting to buy that item. In the event your funds arrive after the 7 working days and one or more of the items you requested have sold, we will immediately refund the amount of the sold items and send any remaining items in your order to you.


All sales are final. Buyer must contact us within 3 days of receiving item for any issue. Because our items are usually rare, unique and/or original pieces, no exchanges can take place. Returns only for items that we have listed with accidental misleading information. No returns on items where your interpretation of condition is different from ours. We encourage you to look the photos over carefully and if needed, we can send more photos or answer any questions before you place an order. We reserve the right not to sell an item to anyone for any reason at our own discretion.


We promise not to reveal any information regarding purchases, sales, trades or inquiries. Your privacy is important to us.

Your Success is Our Success:

We always seek to improve so we take to heart and will always welcome and encourage your feedback, suggestions or insights. As time goes on changes will occur in our website as well as our policies. Feel free to contact us by filling out the 'Contact Us' form.


P. O. BOX 1234



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Policy, Grading & Shipping Info

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