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1960s & 1970s SURF MOVIE POSTERS

Surf movie posters and handbills are highly sought after by many collectors and non-collectors. You'll find them complementing surfboard collections, as decor in restaurants, lawyer's & doctor's offices, surf shops & surf museums and just about anywhere a surfer might live or do business.

These posters originated in the 50's & 60's when early surfer filmakers such as legendary John Severson and Bud Browne traveled the earth to capture the pure essence of early surfing.

To advertise and promote their movie making endeavors, they created surf film posters and plastered them in school hallways, community centers, electric-telephone poles and near auditoriums where their opening feature film would be played.

Of course, young surfers would find these wonderful posters of surfing art, remove them from wherever they were found and often tack them up in their room or add them to their scrapbook... Thus, the beginnings of a surf movie poster collection.

In part, because of these early filmaker's ability to capture the surfing way of life, we all want to be a part of this classic cult history, so in turn, we have become collectors and help keep the spirit alive.

Below is a list of popular filmakers whose films are documented in these posters,starting with the earliest pioneers to later influenced followers.

While this list may not be complete, it gives an idea of how and when these early surf movies came to be.

Bud Browne:

(1953-1976) Hawaiian Surfing Movie, Hawaiian Holiday,Trek to Makaha, The Big Surf, Surf Down Under, Cat On A Hot Foam Board, Surf Happy, Spinning Boards, Cavalcade Of Surf, Gun Ho, Locked In, Going Surfing.

Greg Noll:

(1957-1958) Search For Surf, Surfing Highlights

John Severson:

(1958-1964) Surf, Surf Safari, Surf Fever, Big Wednesday, Going My Wave, Angry Wave, Surf Classics

Bruce Brown:

(1958-1964) Slippery When Wet, Surf Crazy, Barefoot Adventure, Surfing Hollow Days, Waterlog, Endless Summer

Walt Phillips:

(1960-1964) Sunset Surf Craze, Surf Mania, Psyche Out, Once Upon A Wave, Dr. Strangesurf

Grant Rohloff:

(1960-1965) The Wonderful World of Surfing,Too Hot to Handle, Out Of Control & Surfin' Wild, North Swell, For Surfers Only, The Last Wave

James Perkinson:

(1961-1962) Bottoms Up, Standing Room Only

Buzz Bailey:

(1962) Dynamite

Bill Stromberg:

1962 Hot Dog On A Stick

Don Brown:

(1961-1963) Surf's Up, Have Board Will Travel

Ed De Priest:

1963 Ride on the Wild Side

Val Valentine:

(1963) Northside Story, The Call Of The Surf, Surfing Aussie

Jim Freeman:

(1963-1965) Let There Be Surf, Outside the Third Dimension, The Glass Wall

Greg MacGillivray:

(1964/1965) A Cool Wave Of Color, The Performers

Dale Davis:

(1963-1968) Walk On The Wild Side, Strictly Hot, Inside Out, A Place Called Malibu, The Golden Breed

MacGillivray & Freeman:

(1967-72) Free and Easy, Who's Best, Waves of Change, Five Summer Stories,

Here are a few other popular 70s (and early 80s) Surf Movies:

  • Alan Rich: Playgrounds in Paradise
  • Jack Mc Coy & Dick Hoole: In Search of Tubular Swells
  • Alan Main & Hugh Thomas: Standing Room Only
  • Gary Capo: Many Classic Moments
  • Bill Delaney: Free Ride
  • Yuri Farrant: Crystal Eyes
  • Chris Bystrom: Thunder Down Under

When you collect surf movie posters you're collecting vintage surfing art and preserving an important part of surfing history.

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